Conteplative meditation 

Conteplative meditation is the extension of one pointed concentration or calm abiding meditation . Even though it exists since centuries in all  major religions of the world, rarely it is  been adopted as a mainstream life science.  Tibetan s  are the ones who  preserved this treasure, Dalai lama,  Sogyal reponche and many more masters leading the monasteries across the world are living examples. Allan Wallace an  American author  with decades of meditative experience has done extensive studies   on  CM and called it as a science. CM works best when we achieve considerable mental pilancy followed by moral and ethical conduct * of  life. Goutham buddha was a hindu by religion and started of his meditative journey according to hindu tradition and ultimately got Enlightened through contemplations. Only through contemplation we can know the true nature  of birth, life and death. In this modern world nobody wants to talk about death,fear or negative feelings associated with death makes  not to think of this precious aspect of life. As the famous saying goes ‘spiritually awakened person is the one who thinks of death every moment of his life’. Nothing has more transformative power than  death . It is the antidote for all mental afflictions. People shunned buddhism just because its core principles revolves around death, they followed Christianity, islam and Hinduism which concentrates on individualism, outer looks & personality, killing animals & feasting on them during  festivals,  religion is a means to achieve political power, marketing goods & services resulting in the    state of  mind that  looks far beyond its purview   for happiness. 

  Death can come any time to anybody, close friend of mine, a spiritual teacher died suddenly of heart attack. We always live right under the nose of decease and death. Heartattack, cancer, stroke etc can strike us any moment. Accidents can happen with no fault of  ours, body is extremely fragile, ordinary mind always projects human body as stronger than everything else in this world. Contemplative meditation on death has to be the number one priority in our lives. 

  Following points to conteplate on our death can be used. 

1) We are moving in the  car on the highway, visibility is poor due to fog, suddenly a speeding truck enters from the  left, by the time we apply the brakes, it hits us badly,  after multiple spins in the air,  car bangs on to  the ground

2) .Our body is entangled in the totally damaged car, unable to move, profoundly bleeding with multiple injuries and fractures, desperately  shouting for help. 
3) People gather around , after great effort body was  pulled out of the car and  begin shifting  the  blood soaked body to the  nearest hospital. As we lie on the floor of the vehicle, we could see the  confusion & fear lingering  on their faces, all strangers, we search for loved ones,  could find none, all our money, pocessions and power are  useless, suddenly we feel terrified,  we just want to live, struggling to breathe, eyes start to get blurry, as they reach the hospital doctor declares brought dead. 

4) . The dead body is shifted back home, loved once are crying, relatives and friends are shocked for the untimely death. Face is disfigured, drenched with blood, body gets  cleaned up  and kept in the main entrance. People start visiting  touching the holy water to our lips with tulsi.  

5) .It is time for the final journey, our body draped with white shifted to the chair, loved ones grief hits the sky, people spends time  talking about good & bad of our life. Finally shifted to the graveyard. 

6) .After some statandrd procedures, our body is  placed inside the neatly arranged wooden pieces. People start covering the entire body with wood, burning torch gets placed under the body. 

7.) Within no second  hair, skin and the entire body  starts  burning. The body which we thought invincible starts turning into charcoal . Ego, pride, hatred, Jealousy, anger, love, power, money, house, property everything turned into a small heap of ashes and gets dissolved with the mud and becomes one with the earth. 

     Above contemplations are based on 10 point death meditation, i altered it according to our present scenario. In the original meditation ‘ our body is lying in the open ground , vultures, crows and dogs are tearing apart our flesh, covered with ants and flies, stinking like hell, blood stained skeleton remains, termites gradually eats off the skeleton, ultimately mud remains’. We can conteplate on love, compassion, kindness etc. Conteplation is nothing but analysing true nature of life under the  calm abiding nature of mind to lead happy and fulfilled life. 

*moral & ethical conduct 

Right thoughts, Right intentions, right speech, right action, right livelihood and renunciation. 


Ugly  secret behind the word ‘seeing’ 

​The moment we were born,  we perceive everything around us like colors,  smell  sound, and touch. As we grow up,we  slowly begin to walk, point our fingers to  things and start understanding words.  Parents and loved ones are super excited for the progress we made, they keep telling us  to ‘ see’  and identify  every aspect of the  nature like  birds, animals, flowers,  people  etc . Gradually we  grasp the word  ‘seeing’ remarkably well, because every day when we  wake up in the morning  can see all fascinating objects of  nature. Initially what we perceived becomes  “seeing” , this very “seeing” has already sown the deadly seed of duality. We start judging everything from a distance , this distance grows  bigger & bigger and ultimately we become the center of this universe. 

     Visual perception happens in the mind, everything what we see is within us, there is absolutely nothing outside of us. Including our own body. When we feel we are seeing a person directly, that is actually means we are shifting our consciousness to that particular person in the field of our current visual perception. The day we realize this hard fact,  will know  the illusory nature of life . The delusion of duality or inherent existence  of every thing in this world is the root cause of  anger. Non duality or feeling of interconnectedness is the hallmark of  compassion . The ugly secret behind ‘seeing’  is selfish, hatered,  and Jealous attitude towards all Sentient beings. 

     It may not be easy for us to totally eradicate ‘seeing’  and to realize the illusory nature of  life instantly. Contemplative meditation is the best possible tool to achieve this. It may take days  months or years,depending on our dedication to meditation preceeded by moral and ethical conduct of life.

The non dualistic view ,  Perceiving everything  inside us and not solidifying or conceptualizing will dramatically alter & gives the  mind a third dimension.